Make the Best Spaghetti Carbonara

Discover how to make traditional spaghetti carbonara.
Classic Italian carbonara sauce is typically made with just 4 ingredients: eggs, black pepper, pecorino Romano (or parmesan), and guanciale (or pancetta).

What is the golden rule of cooking a carbonara?
There’s no milk or cream in this sauce; the eggs and pasta water form the creamy base. The golden rule is to keep it simple! Don’t go adding tons of ingredients; all it needs is these…


Ingredients for 2 people
Pasta 160g
Guanciale 300g (or pancetta)
Egg yolk 4
Pecorino Romano cheese 40g (or parmesan)
Black pepper to taste


Cooking process
•Dice Guanciale and sear it on a medium-low temperature and get it crispy. When it is done set aside and keep 1/3 of the fat released on the pan, save the leftover.
•Cook pasta in boiling water for 2 minutes less than what the package says
•Toast black pepper into the pan where you previously seared Guanciale, add some pasta water and let simmer.
•Make the sauce using 4 egg yolks, freshly grated Pecorino Romano cheese, fresh black pepper, and a small spoon of fat from guanciale. Whisk until it becomes like a paste.
•Finish cooking pasta in a pan with black pepper for 2 more minutes. The time that it absorbs the flavour of the Guanciale fat and black pepper.
•Out of the heat, add egg sauce and some pasta water. Emulsify until starch and sauce are well combined.
•Serve and enjoy 😉

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