Honey Baby Ribs


Honey Pork Ribs with honey, soy sauce and garlic marinade!
Slightly spicy!

Baking ribs in the oven is seriously easy!
1 – Drizzle a little oil over the ribs and cover the aluminium foil.
2 – Put in a preheated oven at 160 °C degrees.
3 – Bake the ribs at a low temperature (Fanless oven 160°C) for 70 mins to 90 mins or until they are tender (turning over after 40 mins)

Check your ribs after 1 hour, remember that every oven cooks differently.

frozen product Honey Pork Ribs (Marinade) is shipped frozen with a vacuum bag.

🟥 Raw products must be defrosted and then cooked thoroughly before being consumed.

+- 4g

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