Roasted Beef

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100% BEEF!
Mert Fume has been producing premium-quality roasted beef since 1958. The Roast Beef is prepared by completely removing the meat from the bones and sinews, then cooled after cooking, and finally packaged in a square shape. The roasted meat is all-natural and delicious, and it melts in your mouth as if it were homemade. The meat has a consistency that isn’t hard but crumbles easily. Since it is already cooked, it’s recommended to warm it with a piece of butter. You can enjoy it not only as a main course in rice and casserole dishes but also in egg and pastry recipes.

Ingredients: Beef, beef fat, salt. It does not contain additives.

This product is suitable for freezing.

Roasted Beef is shipped fresh with a square-shaped vacuum pack.

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