Salame Mantovano


Salame Mantovano is prepared at the beginning of winter, using only pork meat. The meat is ground to coarse grain, according to a time-honored tradition. The ground meat is then stuffed into a natural casing and tied up with a string by hand. Subsequently, the very important seasoning process begins, which can span 3-6 months, depending on the size of the salami. Salame Mantovano is small and not very long. Its color is strawberry red, and its texture firm and soft, dotted with white fat, while its distinctive, mouth-watering aroma and flavour are a result of the addition of pepper and fresh garlic. The taste is sweet, slightly aromatic, and the scent is delicate, pleasantly spicy, with an aroma of garlic and a pungent finish that derives from the seasoning process. It is best served thinly sliced with crunchy bread, mostarda and cheese.

Salame Mantovano (Block) Unsliced is shipped fresh with a vacuum bag!

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